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Field Researcher for WW

Ivy Ross Ricci is a nationally recognized yoga teacher, musician, and youth development actionist who creatively incorporates philosophy, poetry, humor, storytelling, and a radical understanding of human potential into accessible yoga practices, songs, and social service. She draws from the rich traditions and teachings of Indra Devi, Tao-Porchon Lynch, Christina Sell, & Darren Rhodes, and her time in India.

She has been working for over a decade to inform and uplift her students in cultivating creative critical thought and profound self-love as a way of transforming standards of beauty in this country. In the words of Bill Coperthwaite, “Beauty is not what something looks like, it is what it is made of.” Ivy imagines a world in which young people can find refuge from harmful images in mainstream media within a culture of vibrant and caring adults who embody self-love and acceptance

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Carlos Iparraquirre Field Researcher  for Su Mesera USA

“Along with helping people taking more informed financial decisions through his regular job, Carlos likes supporting philanthropic causes. His faith and reason both serve as a moral ground for him to not only show empathy for the ones affected negatively in our society, but to take intellectual action on the many problems affecting our country. He feels proud of supporting the Spanish speaking community of  Wiserwaitress in his endeavors to bring justice to a portion of the people who work hard and whose rights need to be protected.”

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