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New Waitress Uniform- Anorexia required

A recent lawsuit that emerged this year has shed some light on a disturbing part of waiting tables.  Your muffin top could cost you your job. Former Hooter  Waitresses  Cassie Smith and Leanne Convery were put on weight probation and told they had 30 days to lose the weight or lose their jobs. But luck […]

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States that require Mandatory Alcohol Server Training

Alaska-certified every 3 years, average cost $30 Deleware- certified every 4 years,  no cost. Indiana- no cost to be certified Louisiana- certified every 2 years, cost $25 New Mexico- certified every 5 years cost $35 Oklahoma- certified every 2 years, cost $30 Oregon-certified every 5 years, cost $25 Rhode Island-certified every 5 years. Tennessee-certified every […]

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